The safety of our produced products is of crucial importance to us and therefore, during product development, we cooperate with the most exquisite nail polish specialists in Europe. Numerous qualified professionals have assessed the safety of Wild&Mild nail polishes. Wild & Mild nail polishes do not include:

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is an ingredient often used in cosmetics. Phthalates can often cause hormonal imbalances, allergies, and congenital disabilities. The use of DPB has been banned in the European Union. All Wild&Mild nail polishes have been made using a DBP free formula.
Toluene is a skin irritant that is suspected of causing nervous system damage and involuntary abortions. All Wild&Mild nail polishes are entirely toluene-free.
Formaldehyde is a widely used ingredient, often causing allergies and various respiratory illnesses. No Wild&Mild nail polishes include formaldehyde as a component.

As science and medical research develop, so will our assessments. Therefore, the constant monitoring of product safety is one of our most important priorities. Our R&D partners are the finest professionals in their field, and this allows us to state that Wild&Mild nail polishes are completely safe for the ordinary consumer. Users are provided that all standard safety guidelines are followed when using the nail polishes.

Without an inherent and constant focus on quality, it is not possible to develop and produce a fully competitive product. Meeting customer expectations and even surpassing those expectations is of paramount importance to us. It is for this reason that Wild&Mild products are developed in collaboration with the most excellent experts in Europe, guaranteeing quality products that meet even the highest expectations.

Careria has always held an environmentally friendly and green way of thinking that expands to everything we do. This includes a modern and economical production process, conservation of electricity, safe handling of all production waste and re-usage of package materials. We genuinely respect green thinking - this is our small contribution towards a brighter tomorrow.