Careria has successfully operated in the cosmetics and beauty accessories distribution business since founded in 1998 to become a dynamic, valued, and reliable distributor in the Baltic, Scandinavian and other European regions. 

After having enough market know-how and experience by the time in 2008, a brand Wild&Mild was created, which was a turnkey decision for the future of the company.  In 2012 a strategical decision was also made to start manufacturing nail polish and other nail care products. By now these products are very well known in Estonia, Finland, and Germany and also expanding to other European countries.

The secured position of Careria’s extensive network of respectable manufacturers and suppliers together with our working solutions and products, have proven our competence to consumers and has quickly earned their trust.

Careria focuses on manufacturing and distributing only high quality trendy, and affordable cosmetics and beauty accessories that meet the outstanding standards of safety, quality, and environment for the better tomorrow and for the better you.